October 29, 2014

tree-service-maintenanceThe trees on your property are an important investment that significantly adds to the value of your home. Trees fulfill a number of functions for homes. They provide shade for more efficient cooling. They add visual interest to properties. They provide shelter for wildlife. Keeping trees properly maintained has a number of benefits that homeowners should keep in mind:

1 – Pruning Removes Diseased Portions
Regular pruning helps to remove diseased portions of the tree structure and prevents the problem from spreading to other parts of the plant. This action can help to preserve trees for many years and limit the damage done by many common problems. When the damaged areas are removed, trees look healthier and become a more attractive feature of the property.

2 – Pruning Prevents Accidents
Broken, damaged limbs of old trees can be a hazard to people and property. Regular pruning helps to remove these loose, broken branches that can fall on children or visitors and cause injury. In addition, removing these broken limbs can prevent damage to your property and to neighbors’ property during wind or ice storms.

3 – Pruning Encourages New Growth
Pruning can be instrumental in helping to reinvigorate tree growth. Removal of thin, unproductive branches allows nutrition to travel more effectively to the remaining parts of the tree, improving both health and appearance. Good pruning technique is particularly important to trees that flower or produce fruit. New growth can help to increase the fruit yield or encourage more plentiful blooming.

4 – Improve Air and Moisture Circulation Around the Tree
Pruning helps to thin out densely packed branches, allowing sunlight, air and moisture to circulate more freely under and around the tree. The increased access to sun, water and air allows the tree better conditions for growth, and also allows other plants in the surrounding area to thrive, as well.

5 – Limiting Fire Hazards
Pruning dried and dead branches help to reduce the flammability of trees. This action can be particularly important in areas of the country that are prone to wildfire. Removing the flammable dead wood can help to save not only trees on your property, but also your home.

6 – Preserve the Natural Form of the Tree
Over time, trees can become overgrown and unattractive, with branches growing at odd angles and uneven branching in various areas of the structure. Pruning can help to remove the smaller, uneven branching and unsightly outgrowths. It helps to contain growth within the natural form of the tree and increase its aesthDogwood Treeetic appeal. Evergreen trees can also benefit from pruning off misshapen outgrowths and damage from harsh winter weather.

7 – Increased Visibility On Your Property
Dense, overgrown trees obscure the beauty of your home’s landscaping. Pruning helps to keep these trees neater and allows better visibility of all the features of your home and its surroundings.

These benefits of pruning show why regular maintenance of the trees on your property can help to preserve your landscaping investment and improve the appearance of your home. A professional tree pruning service can help to bring out the best in the trees on your residential property.