August 29, 2014

Cypress Tree

Cypress Tree

Pine trees and other evergreen trees are both decorative and functional. Homeowners can work with a professional landscape company to add trees to their environment. Planting and maintaining these new additions, can easily be accomplished. Professionals can recommend which types of trees flourish in certain environments, and assist homeowners with tree maintenance. There are also many benefits of owning pine trees and other evergreen trees.

Types of Pine Trees
A pine tree is a specific evergreen tree, which has needle leaves. They are known for their trunks soft wood. A Scotch Pine is very commonly used as a Christmas Tree, and the trees needles change colors. Austrian Pines have dark leaves, and they are often planted in city settings. A Mugo Pine is considered a dwarf tree, and are often used as landscaping borders.

Types of Evergreen Trees
Evergreen trees are a type of perennial, which keeps its needles and foliage. They are always green. The term evergreens can also refer to types of bushes or shrubs. Douglas Firs are popular, because they are very versatile, and they have soft needles. Dawn Redwoods are large and they grow fast. A Castle Spire Holly is a space saver. These evergreen hollies are beautiful, especially during the winter, when their berries grow.

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Evergreen trees defining property

Seven Benefits of Owning Pine Trees and Other Evergreen Trees

1) Privacy – Pines and Evergreens provide homeowners with the privacy they deserve. Planting these trees is better than installing a privacy fence. Privacy fences can take away from the natural beauty of the outdoors.

2) Safety and Security – A wall of pine and other evergreen trees can assist in protecting homeowners from those who wish to burglarize or vandalize a home. Those with ill intentions will not be able to see the valuables inside a home, if a tree is planted close to a window.

3) Energy Savings – When a homeowner installs a pine or evergreen tree close to their home, it will add a money saving benefit. Homeowners will save money on their electric bills. These trees will act as insulators, because they will keep the home from losing heat, and they will keep cold air in during hot summer months.

4) Wind Protection – Homeowners have many outdoor events. These special events with family and friends can be more enjoyable with a wind guard in place. Pine trees and other evergreens, can shield people from strong gusts of wind.

5) UVA Protection – Strong UVA rays can damage the skin. Pine trees and evergreens can help protect the skin, because they can provide shaded areas.

6) Aesthetics – One tree planted in a front yard can become a beautiful focal point. Professional landscapers can design the perfect layout to bring gorgeous aesthetics to any part of a yard or driveway.

7) Wildlife – Pine trees and other evergreen trees often bring a variety of animals and birds into a yard. Homeowners can experience their beauty within a natural habitat. This natural environment can be enjoyed even more, because pine trees and other evergreen trees will produce a pleasant fragrance.