Have you noticed your lawn seems to be patchy this year or not as green as it was last year?

Lawn Aerator

You have worked diligently to maintain a beautiful yard that looks great the entire summer season. Fertilizer applied at the optimum times with the correct blend for the growing season has produced excellent results in the past but seems lacking this year.

Your Ann Arbor Michigan yard may benefit from lawn aeration. Aerating your lawn helps to restore that pristine look you desire. There are two types of aerating commonly used, plug aeration and spike aeration.

What is the difference between the two methods of aerating my yard?

Plug aeration pulls a core of soil from your lawn, while spike aeration pokes a hole in the soil without removing any grass or soil. Both aeration methods allow fertilizer to reach the roots of the grass where it is needed most.

What are the benefits of aerating my lawn?

Most lawns become packed and hard over time or with heavy use that prevents needed nutrients from reaching deep into the soil. A solid packed yard allows water to run off rather than soaking in and reaching the root system. Fertilizer cannot completely penetrate hard packed soil, preventing your yard from receiving the full benefit of the fertilizer.

Lawn aeration is beneficial as it loosens the soil allowing air, water, and fertilizers to reach deep into the soil rather than remaining on the surface. Encouraging deeper root growth provides a solid foundation for your grass to grow properly and helps your lawn to withstand the weather changes.

How would aerating new sod be beneficial? Our home was recently finished and the contractor laid sod.

Yards surrounding newly constructed houses and businesses can become packed solid due to the heavy machinery and foot traffic it receives during the construction phase. It is also common to lay sod on top of existing soil after construction is completed. This can result in different soil types layered one on top of the other and possibly create a drainage issue.

Aerating a new lawn is a smart choice as opening the soil with either plug aeration or spike aeration will allow water to drain to the roots encouraging strong root growth. The will also prevent the grass from drowning in the standing water. A lawn in the beginning stages will benefit from aeration and help to encourage proper growth which provides the grass full opportunity to establish a strong root system from the start.

Lawn aeration in Ann Arbor Michigan helps to reduce the maintenance needed to preserve and encourage healthy grass, saving you time during lawn care season. Not only will aerating your lawn save time, you will save money as less fertilizer and added nutrients will need to be used.

Reducing the time spent applying water and fertilizer allows you more time to spend with your family, entertain friends and enjoying your summer.

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