The most positive benefit of hydroseeding in Ann Arbor MI is its cost effectiveness. Seeding a lawn utilizing this method is approximately one-quarter of the expense of sodding or traditional seeding. However, the process has many more benefits beyond economics that make it superior to all other forms of seeding. Additionally, it also requires the least maintenance of any seeding type and has the highest success rate of delivering a green, healthy lawn. Another great characteristic is that a mixture of seeds can be sown to suit any growing condition. This allows the grass to produce early and continuously throughout the year. It also allows certain stubborn areas to be targeted with a compatible mix.

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The Comparison

• Sodding or hand seeding cannot achieve this. Other drawbacks to sodding is the bumpy nature that placing grass on the lawn in squares causes. Additionally, sodding requires that the grass takes to be successful in Ann Arbor MI. If the season is not correct, or any other reason prevents the grass from taking, the entire lawn will turn to a dull brown color. It could take considerable coaxing to get the grass to green again if ever. It may even require additional seeding in some cases which is also expensive. The expense is compounded because of the logistics of transporting large bundles of grass. It also requires maximum man power to prepare the lawn as well as to apply the squares of grass. The costs are astronomical and success is not guaranteed because of all of the variables that are involved.

• When sodding is not successful, the only options are to over-seed or to remove the sod and try again. Both of these options are very expensive, and still success is not guaranteed. Seeding a lawn begins with the same steps that sodding requires. The lawn must be prepared as if it is a very large garden bed. After the ground is prepared, the seed must be sown by either mechanical or manual sowing methods. This is an expensive process, but the additional drawback is that success cannot be measured for an extended period of time. These plantings must be scheduled appropriately because the seasons matter in growing grass as it does for all plants. This means that seeding may not be an option for many situations. Hydroseeding a lawn can produce green grass in less than a week in many occasions.

• The seed is activated with the initial watering and is combined with a natural green lawn color that lasts until the green shoots begin. The mulch that the seed is mixed in also becomes a fertilizer that further guarantees the success of the newly applied lawn. The entire application can be performed by a single technician with a special mix that is designed for the exact lawn. All of these benefits combine to make hydroseeding the best option for re-seeding a lawn or applying a new lawn that is available. It greatly outpaces other forms of installing a lawn in effectiveness, expense and the speed at which the lawn is established.

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