There are two reasons for hiring a professional landscaper, first is practicality and second is appearance. These two goals make sure your landscape is designed to keep healthy plants, enhance the property structures, and increase values with emphasis on cost effective maintenance. The changing seasons are part of Ann Arbor MI lifestyle and a planned landscape ensures you get the best use from your outdoor space, whether it’s a beautiful lawn, tree-lined driveways or wooden decks. Positioning the best foliage in the right spot may give more efficiency during the hot and cold seasons, helping to cut the need for heating or air conditioning.

Multicolored Flowerbed On A Lawn

Creating a balance for the outside of your home with textures and colors by adding new plants, reusing greenery and existing materials when possible, increases the charm of your home and landscape. Economically, landscaping helps to blend your family’s activities around your home’s environment for years of outdoor enjoyment. Landscaping is one of the best expenditures to your home adding appeal and value to the property.


As homeowners we get caught up in the final image of landscaping, and overlook the weather variances, soil conditions, and irrigation layouts. We don’t always understand the zoning requirements, especially if your home is located within an Ann Arbor MI home association. Your landscaper helps to design around the existing property features, modifying and replacing problem areas to create a more pleasant setting.


The front yard is the first impression seen by visitors and not always the most expensive segment for landscaping. The backyard is where you live and more often you spend most of your time with family and friends here. Costs do vary between the two sections depending on your needs and design. This is where your landscaper can help you make decisions to keep both sections aligned with the theme of your home and your family activities.

•Front yard – paths leading to your home surrounded with trees, shrubbery and walkways.
•Back yard – family activities, sport and entertaining areas, gardening and private getaways.

It’s best to have a professional work with you on selecting the plants and fixed features for the initial design and the ongoing maintenance after installation. These plants and fixtures require care, cleaning and in some cases repairs to keep the yard’s ecosystem working.


Costs, time and effort to care for your landscaping is easier to keep up when you select native plants to the area. These plants have a natural resistance to pests and adapt easily to the weather. Native growth is also classified as non-invasive, meaning they are friendlier to the environment without upsetting the natural habitat or population. Native trees and plants are known to improve the air quality and when placed correctly they secure the soils preventing erosion caused by wind and water. These simply steps of prevention and planning allow the roots systems to do what they do naturally; capture and hold water underground, reducing the need for frequent watering.

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