Ann Arbor MI is a good location where you can easily maintain a nice look lawn throughout the year. While the summers do get hot they will not scorch your lawn as long as you water occasionally and if you prepare your lawn, it will survive the cold winter. Many people are now aerating their lawn as a way to make their grass healthier and more lush. Lawn aeration is designed to exchange air between the soil and the atmosphere. Small plugs are removed from the lawn and this allows better movement or air and water into and out of the lawn. This process can be done often and really cannot be done too much. Every couple of months is really ideal.

Lawn aeration

What Lawns Benefit From Lawn Aeration?
Just about any lawn will benefit from this process but especially, lawns that undergo a lot of wear and tear benefit from aeration. As thatch accumulates this can create a pretty thick cover on your lawn which prevents proper air flow and moisture flow. Also, if your lawn becomes very compacted this prevents air flow.

How Is Aeration Done?
Professional landscaping companies can be hired to aerate your lawn for an affordable price. However, if you are someone who likes to take care of your property yourself, you can easily aerate your Ann Arbor MI lawn yourself. With a riding lawnmower, you can purchase an aeration attachment. This is hooked up to the back of your mower and you pull the attachment along your lawn. Very small wires will actually poke small holes into your lawn.

Helping Your Lawn Become Healthy
When you aerate your lawn this allows not only oxygen and moisture to enter the lawn but it also provides more access points for things like fertilizers to soak into the lawn. Oxygen is absolutely necessary in order to have a green and luscious lawn. By aerating, you are helping your lawn breathe. An aerated lawn is one that is sure to look and be healthy. Your lawn can really only become so healthy without this process being done. It might be true that the other man’s grass is greener, but it is probably because he aerates.

Loosening Up The Thatch
Aerating your lawn will help to break up the thatch layer that has accumulated. This is beneficial to your lawn but you can also use a dethatching attachment that will rake up the thatch and it can then be removed. This provides even better aeration of your lawn. Thick thatch can promote the growth of mold, bacteria, bugs, etc.

A lawn that is properly and frequently aerated will require half as much water than if you did not aerate. This saves you money but it is also eco friendly. You should also experience less mushroom growth or weed growth as aeration will prevent excess moisture from accumulating in puddles. In the Michigan area, this process is very beneficial and can be done periodically either on your own or with the assistance of a lawn care professional.

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