March 13, 2013

If you have trouble visualizing what your landscape will look like, a 3D design may be a great option for you.  Traditionally most designs are done in a 2-dimensional format that shows an overhead view of the landscape.  Technology now allows us to build a model of your home and property in a 3-dimensional software that gives you a true view of your proposed landscape.

A 2-dimensional design is a usually necessary for construction, as it has all the dimensions to scale and the plant material labeled.  Before starting any project, a 2D plan is recommended. The 3D design is used as a visual tool to help realize what the landscape will become.

If you like the idea of being able to see your landscape before it is installed, or you are having a hard time deciding what you really want, consider having our designer create a 3D model of your home, and see what your landscape can become.