Springtime is the best time to start thinking about your yard. The winter has been brutal on it with the seemingly endless snow and ice. Your lawn speaks volumes about you so leaving it to fend for itself is not an option. As the last snow melts you can start planning on the upgrades you want to make this year. Maybe some hardscape designs are just what the doctor ordered to create those walkways or outside living spaces that add so much beauty and value to houses these days.

Grass Care Ann Arbor
Planning starts with grass care Ann Arbor. You can bet your last dollar your neighbor is devising ways to make his yard the star of the neighborhood. To compete your grass has to be in top shape. You need fertilizer but may be confused with all the varieties on the market. We can help you make the correct decision and aid you in implementing the perfect attack to get your yard in tip top shape.

Lawn aeration, grub worm eradication, crab grass control, and seeding are just the starting points. Treating and preventing the spread of diseased areas along with weed control can turn into a full time job. Let our professionals do your grass care Ann Arbor. We are proud of our city and want to provide you with the best service by treating your yard with the same care we use on our own.

Hardscape Designs
Hardscape designs can turn a blah yard into the talk of the neighborhood. A winding walk to show off your prized azaleas can be created out of the brick or stone of your choice. Straight edges make for a uniform look while mismatched size stones can create an out of the lines design that is eye catching. The contrast of a well manicured lawn against a red brick walkway adds pizzazz to a house. Curb appeal is also enhanced and will help your house sell for more if you decide to move.

Hardscape designs for an outdoor patio or gazebo area can turn some unused backyard space into a prime outdoor living area. Whether you want a large backyard barbeque or just want to relax in the gazebo with your favorite beverage these brick or stone creations will make your yard the go to place on the block.

Our company can handle your hardscape design needs also. We have hundreds of ideas for your yard improvement needs. We are trained to create professional walkways, gazebos, and outdoor patios to your specifications. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle because we want to be your friend in the lawn care/hardscape design business. We provide all the services above as well as weekly maintenance programs to let you relax and enjoy your yard instead of spending all weekend working on it. Now is the time to call to begin turning your perfect lawn dreams into eye pleasing, envy of the neighborhood reality.