February 1, 2015

A winter storm with big snowfall accumulations is here!  The winter storm warning was announced around 4 p.m. yesterday, and will be in effect from to 7 a.m. Monday in Washtenaw, Wayne, Monroe and Lenawee counties.

The forecast calls for heavy snow beginning Saturday night and persisting through Monday morning.

Eight inches is likely, but accumulations could reach 12 inches; blowing and drifting snow is expected throughout this time frame.

Wind chills are expected to dip to 20 below by Monday.

The weather service warns motorists of hazardous driving conditions during this period.

Our guys are currently out working, addressing the most pertinent areas as priority for each client.  We are estimating that we will be working now until all day Monday, especially with all the blowing and drifting with the high winds.  Our guys are being treated to food and football during their breaks.

Hope you all stay safe and indoors if possible.