September 10, 2016

lawn-sprinkler-paverThe lawn is one of the main features on residential properties and will stand out if it’s maintained well. During the summer season, the lawn can become damaged due excess heat and harsh weather conditions. To improve your lawn’s irrigation this summer, there are a few important steps to take for homeowners to transform their yard in Ann Arbor MI.

1. Water Less Frequently

Many people make the mistake of watering their lawn too frequently throughout the week. Although it’s important that your grass obtains plenty of water, it may not be getting enough if you water it every few days. It’s important to water the lawn for a longer period of time to ensure that the soil is moist and that the water reaches the roots. A watering lawn hose with a water breaker attached will make it easy to reach through foliage and direct the water to specific areas. This encourages the development of deep roots, making it important to water a maximum of one inches of water. The specific amount of water that is needed also depends on the type of soil that is used.

You also want to remain consistent with your watering routine and allow the plants and lawn to adapt well to the schedule. Use extra hoses and sprinklers to reach areas on the lawn that are often neglected to ensure that each square inch is covered.

2. Prevent Runoff

Runoff is one of the main causes of water waste and can quickly cause the lawn to suffer. Monitor the lawn before, during, and after irrigation periods and evaluate how long it takes for the water to run after the sprinklers go off, which will allow you to determine when to set the time for each cycle.

3. Choose the Right Sprinkler

Your lawn may be suffering if your sprinkler system is outdated. You should replace the sprinklers if they tend to water the sidewalk or get the street wet, which wastes water and can cause dead spots to develop on your lawn. Installing new sprinklers will increase your water efficiency and can allow the lawn to absorb more water to ensure that it thrives during the summer season.

4. Water at the Right Time

The time of day that you water the lawn will determine how well it thrives in the summer heat in Ann Arbor MI. Set your sprinkler system to water the lawn in the early morning each day when the weather is cooler. This will prevent too much water from evaporating before the water is able to soak into the soil. It’s also important to avoid watering in the evening, which can cause fungus to develop over time.

5. Avoid Over-watering

Over-watering is just as much of a problem as under-watering your lawn. This can occur if it rains during the season, which can prevent the grass from growing well. Use a rain gauge to determine how much you really need to water it during summer hurricanes or storms.