June 3, 2016

When your homes’ foundation is suffering, your home will usually give you signs. Summer is the time of year when those signs can become most prominent due to weather changes. Here are some of the most common problems that may lead to foundation issues during the hottest months of the year.


Soil expansion is one of the primary reasons for foundation issues. When water is added, soil expands, and when there is a lack of moisturedrainage - does your yard look like this, soil contracts. This constant back and forth causes houses to settle and shift. Some settling over time is normal, but due to summer offering hotter temperatures, soil expansion and contraction can become more extreme during this season.

Excessive Water

Flooding, though usually rare in summer, can occur. Excessive water from heavy rains or flooding cause extra strain on foundations. If a home has a basement, too much water can affect basement walls due to the pressure the extra moisture puts on them. Especially in places near water, such as Ann Arbor MI, it’s important for home owners to be aware of any excess water near their homes. The effect on foundations can be detrimental.


Dry grass textureA very common issue in summer is drought. Days or even months without rain can make soil contraction extreme enough to affect a home’s foundation, resulting in the need for repair. Watering foundations can help, but depending on how extreme the damage is professional foundation repair may be necessary to correct the damage and save the integrity of the home.

Signs You May Have a Need for a Professional Assessment of Your Foundation:

1. Cracks on walls or floors

Not all cracks are created equal. Small cracks can be a normal sign of settling, but large cracks or cracks that run horizontally are usually signs of real problems. Cracks may be found in tile or on any other type of flooring, but many people forget to look up when assessing the health of their foundation. Cracks in walls give further evidence of foundation issues that are worth following up on.

2. Doors and windows that won’t close

If doors and windows stick when someone tries to close them, it can be a sign of foundation issues worth looking into. In summer issues with doors and windows will be easier to notice, especially if there hasn’t been much rain in the area.

3. Water that pools around the foundation

Assuming you do have rain in summer, water that doesn’t drain properly and pools around your house is a bad sign. If you notice pooling water, you will probably also notice that water isn’t draining properly from spouts. These are signs of foundation shifts that need to be assessed by a professional.

If you live in Ann Arbor MI and need foundation repair this summer, it’s important to seek professional help as soon as you notice that your foundation may have been compromised. Summer can wreak havoc on homes, but proper foundation repair early on can save money and your home before it’s too late.