May 20, 2015

Strawberry growing pots are more versatile than one may originally think. They are wonderful hosts to a variety of plants. They offer a unique and vertical display within your potted garden.

Violas or Pansies


Create a color theme or a mix-up viola riot. Choose your favorites from the seemingly hundreds of compact varieties such as ‘Sorbet’. In time they’ll almost cover the pot.



Play with shapes, sizes and textures. Given time to multiply and get that “lived-in” look, you’ll have delightfully seditious succulent pot.

Sempervivum tectorum in closeup, housekeep


Plant a pot of culinary herbs to heighten the flavor of even the most common summer dishes. Choose your favorites-but avoid mints, since eventually they’ll take over the entire pot.



Mints as you know, when grown in the ground, can take over your garden. Here we suggest you let them take over a strawberry pot. Sure, they’ll eventually show up in the “wrong” pockets. That’s ok. Plant as many different mints as you can find and let ’em duke it out. Then snip, snip away.


FernsOstrich Fern Matteuccia Struthiopteris Background

Spend some quiet time contemplating the beauty of tiny ferns. Then get busy and create a frothy pot of ferns. What a great centerpiece for a shady patio!



Sedums vary greatly in texture and display.  Their unusual look and variety of leaf texture make them a great conversation piece.