In Ann Arbor, Michigan outdoor fireplaces have become a notable backyard focal point and place for congregating. Homeowners incorporate them in their landscape designs with good reason. There is a huge range of selections available that will complement your patio décor. Choose a perfect size, perfect style outdoor fireplace for your Michigan home. Outdoor fireplaces are the reason Ann Arbor, MI residents can’t wait for cool weather.

Outdoor Fireplace Design

1. Chimineas

A chiminea is a fireplace with a single mouth opening and a chimney which effectively fuels the fire with fresh air. Popular in Mexico for hundreds of years, the chimineas design produces a drafting action; fresh air is drawn into the fire and smoke is pulled upward and out the chimney. Chimineas produce hot and clean fire that leave a minute amount of ash. They are easily lighted and efficient. Historically, these chimney fireplaces were made of clay and used primarily for outdoor cooking. ann arbor michigan residents select copper, clay, or cast iron chimeneas for their cold weather warmth and attractive décor while cooking food. Chimineas are often portable which makes them ideal for Ann Arbor, MI patios or decks.

For fuel, these fireplaces use wood or charcoal for fuel. Oak, and other good hardwood, create the best fire if you use your chiminea for cooking. Many ann arbor michigan homeowners choose Pinon wood because of its pleasing pine smell, warm heat, and also because it acts as a mosquito repellent. Pinecones and apple wood can also be added for additional aroma.

2. Fire Pits

Fire pits are the top selling outdoor fireplaces according to the American Society of Landscape Architects. A simple fire pit is basically a metal bowl which adds warmth, light, and atmosphere to your patio or courtyard. The top of the fire pit doesn’t allow rain to get into the bowl and the open sides allow wood to be easily added. Fire pits are transportable, easy to clean, and are also a portable, contained grill.

The most difficult factor of selecting a fire pit will be the style and size that is perfect for your unique backyard space. Fire bowls and square chimineas are popular with Ann Arbor, MI residents. Fire pits come in a variety of sizes from 20” to 45” in diameter. Bowl fire pits are usually smaller and ideal for compact patios and decks.

Fire pits are rings constructed from mortared limestone, tile, stainless steel, and copper with a center drain connects to an underground pipe which runs under the lawn and allows rainwater to drain. Stone makes heavier fire pits which is great for larger pits that will not be moved. Stainless steel pits are also heavy but are resistant to rust and rain and are easy to clean. Stainless steel is fireproof and decorative. Copper fire pits are standard, shiny, and powder-coated to be resilient to the weather.

Wandering how to stay cozy and warm in Ann Arbor Michigan? Choose a Chiminea or a Fire Pit. Then invite your friends and families over for a wonderful evening.