September 30, 2016

If water is outstaying its welcome in your yard, you probably have a drainage issue. This can be particularly annoying as this standing water can be hard to look at, kill the lawn or other plants, and make it a hassle to move around. It is not exactly easy to maintain a healthy yard when it is always full of water!

Many things can contribute to a poor yard drainage issue, including soil type and compaction, heavy rain, an improper grading plan, and fencing that blocks proper drainage. If you are noticing that large puddles of water persistently exist in your yard, there is a reason and, more importantly, there is a way to fix it and return your yard to its original state.drainage - does your yard look like this

The most common reasons for standing water include:

• Improper soil type
• Heavy rain in the last forty-eight hours
• A changed initial grading plan
• Fencing that blocks proper flow

Soil Type

Heavy, clay-based soil is a large cause of draining issues. Because clay particles sit so close together, water does not pass though easily. Clay is not absorbent, but rather takes in water and retains it for extended periods of time. Other types of soil react much better to water and absorb it willingly, making drainage far less of an issue. If it is not possible to mess with the soil composition, drainage channels may be necessary. Ann Arbor MI statistically has a high percentage of clay in the soil.

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Heavy Rain

If your water issues only occur after a heavy rainfall, your yard is most likely properly graded. There may still be a slight issue with the soil, but seeing pooling water right after a storm is very normal and is not cause for immediate worry.

Fencing That Blocks Flow

The issue may be born of fencing that is blocking the flow of drainage. Sometimes, fencing is placed too close to the ground, which can cause water to pool around the base. If you notice water gathers around the base of the fence, it was installed improperly.

Change in the Initial Grading Plan

Good grading occurs when engineers and landscapers work together in careful consideration to map out the drainage patterns of the yard. Establishing this grading plan means that your landscape will function fluidly. However, an alteration to the original site without consultation may be the reason you have water pooling in the yard. This could potentially lead to pieces of land being washed away and water damage to your home.

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Creating a beautifully landscaped yard can be very important to fully enjoying a home and can contribute greatly to the beauty of the neighborhood. Hiring a professional to manage all of your Ann Arbor MI landscaping needs is a sure way to avoid real issues with standing water. If you notice long-lasting and persistent pooling water in your yard that occurs without heavy rainfall, you should have it looked at by a professional. Sometimes, these issues can evolve in something that causes permanent damage.