April 5, 2013

If you are like many Americans, you probably would enjoy a much needed relaxing evening in your backyard.  With our busy lives, we often forget to slow down and enjoy some downtime.  Unfortunately some backyards are not always very relaxing.  Here are some tips to help you make your backyard an enjoyable oasis.

-Look around your backyard.  Do you have neighbors on all sides? Most of us like to have a little privacy when sitting outside with the family.  Consider putting up a fence, or screening dominant views from your neighbor’s patio or windows with plant material.

   -Listen to the sounds around you.  If you live near a busy road, or a busy neighborhood, the sounds you hear are not likely very peaceful.  Think about incorporating a water feature so that you focus on the sounds of the water instead.  There are also plants that can assist with noise reduction if you have the space to plant them.

-Is your backyard barren?  If your backyard lacks interest, you might not enjoy even being out there.  Invest in a “space” or “outdoor room” that will provide a more intimate setting that you feel drawn to, and will help you to relax.

-Color also plays a role in providing a soothing environment.  Cool colors such as blue, green, and purple tend to be more relaxing, and warm colors such as red, orange and yellow, are more invigorating.

If you feel that it is time for you to make some improvements to your backyard area, please inquire with us about meeting with our landscape designer to develop a plan for your property.