January 9, 2014

Compliments from Twin Oaks Clients during the last two big storms, we are so proud and grateful for our team…

“Kudos to you and your guys on snow removal.  No one could ask for more…. we really appreciates your care…Good job!!!”  Kathe – Crooked Stick Association – Ann Arbor

“On behalf of the Fox Glen Board of Directors and our community, thanks for the great work removing all the snow – we’re very grateful!!  I hope you and your crews can get some well deserved rest today!” April – Fox Glen – Ann Arbor

“Happy New Year!  Will you please tell Twin Oaks personnel that they did an awesome job removing the snow?  Everything was cleared by the time people had to get to work, and they were great at staying on top of it! I really appreciate them working super late/super early hours, too!” Heather – Ann Arbor