December 1, 2018

The Holidays can often be a stressful time for families. In the midst of arranging family plans, preparing food, and attending events, decorations can often be placed on the backburner. Fortunately, there are still plenty of festive but simple options for those who still want to decorate but are on a tight schedule.

Front Porch Decorations

Even simple decorations such as wreaths or entry mats can add a strong festive feeling to a front porch. Often, in the case of porch decorations, less is more.

  • Wreaths can work for large variety of holiday traditions, even those who do not identify with a particular religion. They have been a symbol of winter for thousands of years and can be customized using a multitude of decorations. Additions can include mini-lights, bows and ribbons, pinecones, bells, and countless others. Generally, wreaths can be found at any store selling holiday decorations.
  • Mini-Trees can also be found at nearly any holiday decoration store. Choices range from very real looking trees to overtly artificial trees with already embedded lights or shiny tinsel material.
  • String Lights are the pinnacle of simplicity. Any color combination or shape can be found at the store or online. They can be strung around the door as a garland or simply hung around the front porch. This should not take more than ten or so minutes.
  • Festive Welcome and Entry Mats are super easy as well as practical. They add an extra holiday flare to an item likely already used every day. Mats have no intrinsic religious association either, so someone of any faith (or with a lack of one) should not have an issue finding a holiday-themed mat to fit their needs.

Yard Decorations

Much like porch decorations, the feeling of festivity can also be easily accomplished with the addition of practical yard decorations – all without added energy costs.

  • Sidewalk Lights normally come in packs of six to ten and are used to line the walkway up to a house or the surrounding yard. They come in shapes like candy canes, candles, and even giant Christmas lights. Many are solar powered, so remembering to turn lights off and on will never be an issue and there is no extra energy expense either!
  • Projecting House Lights have become quite trendy in the last year. However, trendiness is far from the only reason to invest in them. Projecting lights completely eliminate the hassle and dangers of attempting to hang string lights on a ladder. Simply stake the small projector into the ground and lights can entirely cover the house. An added bonus, there is typically a spectrum of possible designs and colors programmed into each projector. Projectors are generally controlled via a remote control and contain a light sensor to automatically turn on at night and off during the daytime.

If you are looking to add some festive touches to your landscape and don’t know where to start, contact Twin Oaks Landscape for ways to help your yard shine Merry and Bright!