When deciding what is best for your lawn, there are a lot of factors that weigh in. What item will be most beneficial? Organic fertilizer in Ann Arbor MI can be a great asset for maintaining a could law. The underlying question is should organic fertilizer be used?

Fertilizing Lawn

Organic users are well known for creating a rich soil for all sorts of food items such as fruits and vegetables. The fertility of the soil is going to be a strong deciding factor when it comes down to growth. Organic users are going to have to start somewhere depending on the condition and the PH levels of the current soil. The condition will be the deciding factor in materials used.

1) Chemical vs Organic:
Most organic chemicals serve as a sort of conditioner. The chemical materials provide salt that is absorbed quickly, but not as a significant source of food. The chemicals will most likely repel the earthworms because of the high dosage of acid. Overtime the synthetic materials are going to cause more harm than good because all the good organic matter disappears. Also all the organisms that would help make the soil more nutrient would die off. When the water holding abilities of the plant diminish, the bad chemicals will flow into the soil causing harm. The chemicals will not be a great help to the plant growth.

The chemical mixtures are made from a variety of nonrenewable resources such as coal and natural gas. The organic mixtures are made with plant and animal traces. Now there are a few kinds of organic. There is regular organic that the manufactures deem as “pure” and then there is natural organic which is a lot more Eco-friendly. Natural organic is what you want. One that is not high in chemicals.

2) Making the switch:
Some may think that it is hard to switch from chemical to organic. That is actually not true at all. Making a chemical blend is just as easy as making an organic blend. Products that you can easily obtain at your local convenience store in Ann Arbor MI can help items grow such as cow-manure and seaweed. If you are going for a specific plant fertilizer, there are plenty of companies that will send some via snail mail. You can get anything relating to tomato mixes and rose mixes. In addition, there are mixes that can be made.

3) Dry organic mixes:
These usually have just one major ingredient known as rock phosphate. Occasionally they can be a blend of many ingredients depending on the brand. Most of them provide a wide selection of brands.

The best way to apply this is by dumping the packet out over soil and then spreading with a rake. It is isn’t a bad idea to add small amounts to holes.

4) Liquid organic mixes:
This types give a nice nutrient boost to the plant typically every month or occasionally every two weeks. Then proceed to spray the plants with the mix.

The plants will absorb the materials through the roots and leaf pores. The nutrients can be supplied when there is a lack of them in the soil.

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