Why worry about having a beautiful lawn? Is having a gorgeous lawn just a way to make neighbors green with envy? Well maintained lawns increase property value significantly. They can also make homes on the market sell faster, and provide a soft area for kids to play outside on. For those living in Ann Arbor Michigan, growing anything in their lawns is pretty easy to do with the ample supply of rainfall available. What if your lawn isn’t looking the way you want it to though? Hydroseeding can get it back to being picture perfect once again.

What is it?

Hydroseeding is a way of planting grass seed by mixing together seed, fertilizer, mulch fiber and water into a large tank, and then spraying it on the lawn with a hose. The mulch fiber is a very important part of the mixture. It acts as a layer of insulation on and around each seed. This keeps the seeds moist and makes them sprout quicker. As it breaks down in to the soil, it helps add nutrition. The mulch fiber also keeps the seeds in place so the elements won’t make them migrate where you don’t want them to be.

What are the benefits?

There are many advantages to planting your lawn this way. The seed stays where you want it to be, so it makes it perfect for growing grass on areas of your lawn with inclines or slopes. It is also more cost effective than using sod. Sod prepared lawns can become patchy in areas with time due to variations of light in lawns. Using this alternative seeding method, a variety of seeds can be added into mixtures. A special shade loving seed blend can be added to parts of your lawn with less sun, and drought and heat tolerant seed blends can be added to areas with full sun.

Are there any disadvantages to this type of planting?

There are very few disadvantages to this planting method for Ann Arbor Michigan residents. It requires having a tank and attached hose, which not every home owner might have, so there is a possibility of having to purchase equipment to do this. If you intend to hire a lawn care specialist to do it for you they don’t always have a wide variety of seed blends available as would be possible for you to purchase if you did it on your own. Talk to your lawn maintenance specialist if you want a special blend of seeds. Many are more than willing to work with customers to give them the lawn that they want.

Is it right for your lawn?

Only you can decide if this method of planting is right for you. Have your soil tested to determine things like acidity and PH prior to planting, so you can choose the fertilizer for your soil. Also, be sure to contact your local lawn care specialist company for any questions you might have, and to make an appointment for a lawn consultation with them before they begin work.

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