April 27, 2014

Outdoor lighting brings curb appeal to your home, and lights also provide security by illuminating dark spaces or corners of your yard. Installed outdoor lighting allows for good navigation of walkways, paths and driveways as well. Outdoor lighting comes in a wide range of modern, traditional and rustic styles that you can choose from. Before you consider style though you must decide between electric or solar light varieties. Think about the various advantages Lighting_largeof electric and solar outdoor lighting to help make the best decision.

Electric Lighting
Electric outdoor lighting consists of low-voltage bulbs that are attached by a serious of wires. These wires can be either placed in the ground or strung above the earth. All components of the lighting are water and weather resistant so that electrocution is not a concern. Electric lights offer a variety of advantages over solar lighting.

1. Electric lighting is small. Low-voltage lights and LED lights are both available for outdoor lighting and both of these types of lights are small. This means that the lighting with not detract from the natural beauty of your space. You can hide lights in bushes, on pillars and along porch railings.
2. Electric lights are bright. Low-voltage lighting uses a constant source of electricity to power the lights. This means that lights will not dim or malfunction due to a lack of sunlight. Electric lights are best for security purposes and outdoor entertainment spaces for this reason.
3. Low-voltage outdoor lights are easy to install. The lights can be plugged into any outdoor socket as soon as they are installed on a property. Heavy cords, wires and plugs that meet outdoor electrical standards are used to create the lighting. This means that rain, snow, ice and wind will not interfere with function.

Solar Lighting
Solar outdoor lights are lights that use solar panels to pull in energy from the sun. The energy is then stored in a rechargeable battery. Lights run off the energy from the battery once solar panels stop pulling in energy. This means that lights automatically turn on after the sun sets. Solar lights are somewhat larger than electrical varieties, but the lights are considered environmentally friendly. Solar lights also have other advantages.

1. Solar lights are low-maintenance. Solar lights work on their own without the need for battery changes or replacements of photosensitive panels. As long as the lights receive eight or more hours of direct sunlight each day they will illuminate a space from dusk until damn
2. Solar lighting requires no wiring. No electricity is needed for the lighting so wires are not required. This means that solar lights can be placed far from the home. Also, the lack of wiring keeps spaces hazard and clutter free.
3. Lights with solar panels are easy to install. Solar lights come packaged with all necessary components for the lights to start working immediately. Posts, clips and attachments are included as well for ease of set up. Make sure that you pay attention to sunlight differences during season changes so that your solar lights are effective all year long.