June 20, 2017

When you think about landscaping your yard, you might think about taking care of your grass and adding flowers and shrubs. However, there is another improvement that you can consider adding: planting a shade tree. You might find that this is one of your best landscaping improvements yet if you do.

Keep Cool

First of all, planting trees on your property can help you keep your yard a whole lot cooler. Even though the idea of spending time outdoors during the summer can be nice, it can often be too hot to enjoy yourself while doing so. Luckily, putting in shade trees can make your yard a lot more comfortable on a hot summer day.

Additionally, keeping your home nice and cool during the summer is probably a top priority. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to do if you don’t have any trees. Without trees, the sun can beat down directly on the top of your home, causing the temperatures inside to rise significantly, particularly, on really hot days. Not only can this make your home more uncomfortable, but it can make it difficult for your air conditioning unit to keep up. This can also put additional wear and tear on the unit, causing it to wear out more quickly. Lastly, it can cause your cooling bills to go up exponentially during the summer months.


Add Beauty

Are you looking for a big way to improve your landscaping and add curb appeal to your home? Planting a large, shade-producing tree can be a wonderful way to make your lawn look more mature. It can make a much bigger impact than planting small flowers or shrubs, especially, as the tree grows and becomes even more impressive.

Increase Your Landscaping Options

Even though plants generally need plenty of sun, some prefer more shade than others. If you don’t have much shade in your yard, you might have to stick to flowers and other plants that prefer full sun. By planting a nice, big, shade-producing tree, however, you can plant and enjoy other types of flowers and plants. This can really help you change up your landscaping.

Keep the Light Out of Your Home

Sure, there is nothing wrong with a bit of natural lighting in your home. However, if the sun shines straight through your windows, it can cause an uncomfortable glare. Planting a tree in the right spot can help prevent this. You might, especially, appreciate it when the sun is rising or setting, when it would otherwise shine right into your home.

As you can see, there are various reasons why you should consider planting trees in your yard. Not only can they look great, but they can add a lot of other benefits to your home and property as well. If you talk with an experienced landscaping contractor, you can find out more about the best trees to plant on your property.