December 11, 2015

Lighting_largeCollege towns bring the vibrancy and diversity in life to savor by yourself or if one is raising a family. Ann Arbor MI is the home of your Wolverines and a mecca for culture and night life that extends from Main Street outward. With the ebb and flow of visitors that are attracted to the city, it is imperative to keep your loved ones protected from individuals of a transient nature. Few things relax the minds of everyone you love than having the outside of your homestead adequately lit. Here are the methods to add or improve upon your outdoor lighting to keep the property you live on safe.

Avoid Going DEFCON

The nuclear option with a few very intense lamps is not the way to go. Not only could it be disconcerting to your neighbors but when used in conjunction with security cameras it is counter productive. Glare is much more likely from those highly focused beams of light. Instead opt for more lights but at a medium intensity. The job still gets done and those around you run much less the risk of becoming offended.

Modern Motion Control

Ability to fine tune to your surroundings will alleviate a lot of the problems with earlier systems. Remember when any little chipmunk or blowing leaves would cause the system to trigger. Now the level of sophistication is present where it can differentiate between ambient background motion and nefarious activity.

Blend Into the Surroundings

Vibrant and decorative yards are part of the appeal to living in Ann Arbor MI. Choose a system that not only gets the job done but is non intrusive to the theme or look you wish the property to portray. Security should blend into the features and not be an eyesore. Best method to do this is to consult with an outdoor lighting professional from an area landscaping company. Let their decades of experience aid and assist you in being both secure and maintaining the integrity of your yard’s visual appeal.

All the Entries

Porch and sliding doors are the inexperienced thieves mode of entry. One must look at every nook and cranny as a port of entry. Every window should have the ability to be bathed in light if the corresponding motion control sensor is tripped. Not only that but pathways in which an intruder can go vertical must be considered. Upper floors suffer because the homeowner under estimates the desire of the intruder to make into your home. Do not forget about your driveway or garage. Cars make for quick pit stops for glove compartment looting. Garages morph into a shopping spree for the would be pilferer if not protected.

A consultation with a local landscaping company is affordable and provides feedback on approaches that might be missing with your outdoor lighting. Let their decades of experience reinforce the options that are already present on your property. In the end, all of us work far too hard to let a thief interrupt our family’s serenity.

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