October 21, 2016

Winter Cleanup Concerns
Winter can be the harshest, messiest times for landscapes and gardens. While the season in the Ann Arbor MI region is seemingly long and endless, there is a still a vital need to address seasonal cleanup concerns exclusive to winter. Homeowners and business owners in Ann Arbor MI try to maintain their lawns and gardens so they remain as attractive in winter as in other seasons. There are several seasonal cleanup concerns exclusive to winter to consider. These include:
. Damage to trees and shrubs from high winds, ice and snow
. Removal of buildup of fallen leaves on lawns and under trees and shrubs
. Use protective mulch to avoid damage to flowers
. Manage lawn, flower and garden bed overgrowth

When sub-zero temperatures, high winds and ice and snow damage trees and shrubs, they tend to shed bark faster. A professional landscape will bigstock-House-Philadelphia-Yellow-Fall-23769386inspect trees and shrubs and remove the debris. Evergreens also shed their needles due to the formation of ice. This is another winter cleanup concern a landscaping expert will address.

Removal of Buildup from Fallen Leaves
Depending on the frequency of high winds, the last remaining foliage falls onto lawns and ends up beneath trees and shrubs. This creates an unsightly, unkempt appearance. A professional landscaper will remove this type of debris quickly and efficiently.

Use Protective Mulch to Avoid Damage to Flowers
Flower beds need protection to preserve the root systems for the next growing season. A landscaper removes windblown debris and covers the flower beds with attractive, protective mulch. Protective mulch is available in several colors to make a bleak winter landscape bright.

Manage Lawn, Flower and Garden Bed Overgrowth
Surprisingly, lawns do grow even when temperatures deliver a coat of ice or snow. In reality, the layer of ice and snow doesn’t damage grasses. Instead, these often provide insulation from damage by sealing in a certain level of heat. As a result, lawns may experience unruly overgrowth. This is also true of flower and garden beds, especially where vines like Clematis, English Ivy and Sedum tend to take over a good portion of garden space. As part of professional landscaping services, managing lawn, flower and garden overgrowth are one way to reduce seasonal cleanup concerns in Ann Arbor MI.

The Work of Landscaping Doesn’t End in Autumn
It may seem that landscaping work comes to a grinding halt when winter arrives. Professional landscapers are busy the year round providing top notch services. In winter, the big task is winter cleanup customers would rather leave to landscaping experts. Discuss an annual landscaping contract with your landscape consultants. They provide year round services that keep your home or business property looking attractive from one season to the next. It’s all in the landscape planning and design that landscapers customize especially for their customers needs. This leaves homeowners and business property owners with more free time and much less worry about cleanup in winter. Landscapers arrive fully prepared to tackle the biggest winter clean up jobs.