The extremes of weather seen in Ann Arbor Michigan are hardly ever found in other areas of North America, warm days can be followed by a frost accumulation overnight that makes it difficult to keep a yard looking its best. Large amounts of time and money are spent by homeowners making their homes and yards look their best, maintaining the luscious feel and look of a lawn over the long hot summer can be difficult without the skills of professional lawn irrigation services. There are a number of benefits to employing lawn irrigation services and installing an irrigation system beneath your lawn, which include:

  • Less water wasted
  • Lower energy bills
  • Maintains the attractive appearance of a lawn throughout the summer

Many homeowners fear installing an irrigation system on their property for fear the damage caused will take a number of growing seasons to repair. With modern technology the use of minimally invasive equipment now limits the damage caused installing irrigation system by professional lawn irrigation services in Ann Arbor Michigan. This means that an irrigation system can be installed to help the lawn retain its attractive appearance for the forthcoming growing season and summer.

Of course, the major reason for installing an irrigation system is to ensure the lawn of a property in Ann Arbor Michigan retains its attractive appearance throughout the summer. One of the major problems facing those without the knowledge of a professional in lawn irrigation is how much to water a lawn to keep it healthy, over watering is a common problem that inhibits grass growth and ruins the appearance of a lawn. Working with professional lawn services allows a homeowner to be advised about how much water to provide over a specified time set on the equipment with an automatic cutoff at the designated time.

Ensuring the correct amount of water is provided each time a lawn is watered can also save on spending large amounts of money each month on water bills. The high cost of utility bills is only set to increase as water and natural resources become scarcer, using lawn irrigation services means the perfect amount of time is programmed into the equipment for the size of lawn being watered by the underground system. A problem often found in manual watering is that a homeowner turns on a hose or sprinkler and forgets it is on, leading to a large amount of wasted water.

Keeping an attractive lawn in Ann Arbor Michigan can be difficult to do over a spring and summer, especially when temperatures can vary wildly. Employing lawn irrigation service not only brings a homeowner the best irrigation equipment available to ensure their lawn is fed and attractive throughout the summer, but disease and insect growth is also limited. A wealth of knowledge is also placed on the doorstep of the home or business owner when an irrigation service installs and maintains a system, bringing valuable tips about watering times and amounts of water to provide a lawn for the best appearance.