Choosing the correct residential snow removal service in Ann Arbor Michigan can be a major issue for the majority of residents who may not live in the region year round or have a large stash of snow removal equipment at their disposal. Each company offers different services based on the amount of snow received in the region and the type of property snow is being removed from. For example, a commercial property with wide roadways and a parking lot can easily be serviced by large equipment that is not designed for the delicate areas and landscaping around a residential property. When deciding on which snow removal service to choose, a homeowner should look at:

  • Frequency of service
  • Type of Equipment
  • Shoveling service included

The winters in and around Ann Arbor Michigan can vary wildly form year to year, with the milder winters seeing only a small amount of snowfall compared to heavy snowfall winters. Each residential snow removal service will impose limits on their customers regarding the amount of visits undertaken each winter with the common limit being 20 visits per winter period. A 20 visit limit works well in years with light snowfall, but can see homeowners struggle to keep their driveways and sidewalks clear of snow when more snowfall occurs. Other services offer a service based on heavy snowfall, promising to visit when a certain number of inches falls in Ann Arbor Michigan. A service visiting regularly is the best option as even an inch to two inches of snow in shaded areas can make a slippery surface of ice covering walkways and driveways.

A residential snow removal service should have the correct equipment available to ensure the property of the homeowner is not damaged. Asking a contractor before employing them what type of equipment they will use is always a good option to ensure a successful season of snow removal. In previous decades a simple truck with front plow was perfect to remove snow from driveways, but with many homeowners investing in delicate materials for walkways and plants for their yards a walk behind blower may now be a better option. Ensuring the residential snow removal service includes a shoveling service in their agreement is also a good idea for those wanting snow removed from walkways and areas around doors and emergency exits. Many walkways and doorways are in shaded areas that do not have access to the Sun each day, which means the snow can compact and become slippery and dangerous as the winter progresses.

Ann Arbor Michigan has unpredictable winters, meaning each and every resident should ensure they have high quality snow removers in place to ensure their driveways and walkways remain open throughout the winter. The majority of homeowners do not wish to see the large snow banks that are often found against garage doors and at the edges of their driveways. Apart from being unsightly, these banks of snow do not melt as fast as snow dispersed evenly by a professional removal service.