February 4, 2014

Beautifying with Passion is more than a mission statement for Twin Oaks Landscape company, it is the way they do business. I have enjoyed four years of a business relationship with Twin Oaks Landscape. My first experience was with my eighty-two year old mother’s property in Ann Arbor. Handling my own property and my mothers was a daunting task. I was fortunate enough to put her property into the care of Twin Oaks. Steve Scheuring handled her property beautifully and professionally, even making economic concessions understanding the challenges I faced as I assisted her in her battle against dementia.

Twin Oaks Landscape is one of the few companies that puts the customer first. The value of their customers exceeds their value of profit margin even in this difficult economy. Recently, I have been able to afford to put my own property in Steve Scheuring’s capable hands. My neighbors have lawn care that cost less but the professional grooming my yard receives from Twin Oaks makes my property the most attractive property in the area.

Beautifying with Passion falls short of Twin Oaks’ mission, Beautifying with Compassion embodies the company. Having only enough funds to purchase their lawn cutting service, I still maintain my own grounds including the weeding. I have a large yard. Many times the lawn cutting crew has watched me weed my yard over a two week period by myself. I purchased wood chips from Twin Oaks upon completion of my weeding chores. The gentleman, who was directing the installation of the wood chips, rang my doorbell and explained a weeding problem in my bushes. I proceeded to go the garage to handle the problem and he said, no problem we will do it at no additional charge.

I am happy to be a loyal Twin Oaks Customer. They have always responded immediately to my needs and given me service above and beyond what I have paid. Thank you, Twin Oaks for valuing my business. See you in the spring.