February 26, 2014

Rejuventate your yardWhen you hear the word rejuvenation, what comes to mind? A sense of being refreshed, or renewed perhaps? Do you ever feel a renewal is exactly what you need to get back to your best and give life all that you want to give it? You might not have ever thought of it this way, but your lawn needs the exact same thing. Your grassy plot of land must lay dormant all through the freezing temperatures of winter only to come to a time when it must prepare itself for the new season of growth and life ushered in by spring. You can help your yard get ready for this change by performing regular lawn maintenance. Here we’ll explain just why late fall and in some cases winter lawn maintenance is important as well as tips for implementing annual habits that will enhance the health, appearance, and vitality of your lawn.

One of the most crucial first steps is preparing your yard before winter hits.  Leaves and debris can deprive your grass of oxygen if left to sit for too long.  Keep it as cleared off as possible and continually monitor any pile-up as the cold season rolls in.  Another tip to help keep your lawn from developing a disease is to cut the grass fairly short the last few times you mow before winter hits.  Some lawn diseases, particularly Snow Mold, can develop during the winter when grass gets too long and it begins to lay over.  Alternately, you don’t want the blades cut so short that the crown of the plant is at risk for damage.  Simply keep an eye on any changes you observe in the appearance of your grass and seek professional help if you are concerned some type of disease has crept in.

Another general component of lawn rejuvenation is monitoring the weather conditions throughout the winter season. Watch for ice cover on your lawn and break it up and remove as needed. Brush snow off the trees if they are not frozen, to avoid breakage.  All of this build-up can be damaging. If your perennials are brown and still standing, cut them back to allow for the new growth.

Winter lawn maintenance might not seem that important when initially considered, but if you desire to enjoy a healthy yard year in and year out, a lawn rejuvenation plan is a vital routine to develop and faithfully complete each year. Certain years can bring particularly harsh weather conditions, and such rough seasons can take its toll on your corner of the natural world. Truly, all seasons contribute to the rejuvenation (or not) of your lawn, and just because you might not be using your yard in the same way during the winter months does not mean you should neglect its care.

Give yourself some reminders to do regular checks on the yard.  Performing consistent lawn maintenance might feel tedious at times, but in the long run, you and your yard will be glad you did.