May 9, 2022

Everyone’s yard can be a little soggy after a few days of heavy rain, but for many homeowners, a yard that consistently floods when it rains means the problem is more than just excess water. A yard with drainage problems can be soggy nearly all the time, no matter the weather or season, and will often have other problems going on as well. To really fix this problem with water drainage, finding an advanced drainage solution with a drainage contractor is the right way to fix the issue.

Large bubbles in a puddle during rainfall, summer day

What Causes a Soggy Yard?

There are several different causes for a soggy yard. Often it is due to a poorly graded yard with no run-off or drainage, but a soggy yard can also be caused by the composition of the soil. This is a common problem for homeowners in the Ann Arbor area. Soil that has a high percentage of clay will usually present problems with drainage, as this type of soil is often heavily compacted and will not absorb water. If the water cannot penetrate the soil, it will sit on top, creating floods, soggy areas, and pools of water.

Dangers of Ignoring Yard Drainage Problems

During heavy rain, a yard with drainage problems can accumulate large areas of standing water. If the water begins to accumulate against your house, it can cause damage to the crawl space, basement, and foundation. Water damage can cause mold, mildew, and even structural damage which can be very difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to remediate. Even if the standing water isn’t up against the structure of the house, a yard with drainage problems can begin to erode areas of the yard and create hollows. Standing water is also a breeding ground for fungus, mosquitos, and other pests and can make the yard difficult to enjoy.

Advanced Drainage Solutions for a Soggy Yard

Landscaping and drainage contractors know that finding a solution for drainage is much better than attempting to remediate damage that standing water can cause. Quality Ann Arbor landscape contractors know that amending the soil isn’t always the right choice. Working around the soil structure, rather than trying to change it, is often a successful way to deal with drainage issues in this area. There are several solutions that may help.

French drains are one of the most popular solutions and can be handled by a landscaping and drainage contractor. A French drain is a trench with a drainage pipe that runs a couple of feet from the house and goes below the frost line. The drainage pipe needs to be below the frost line so that the water flowing inside will not freeze and crack the pipe once freezing temperatures arrive. The pipe will be fitted with small holes and will run in a slight downward slope to encourage the water to flow away from the house and yard. The drainage pipe sits on a thin bed of gravel, and the trench will be filled with gravel instead of soil to allow the water to flow more easily. Sod can be placed over the gravel if you want an unbroken aesthetic, but often a French drain can be worked into the landscaping with a rock garden or pathway.

Finding the right contractor with the right solution can take your property from being flooded and soggy to a beautiful property you can be proud of. Twin Oaks Landscape can assess your yard and find the right solution to solve your yard drainage problems for good. Contact us to learn more.