June 29, 2015

Two main factors commonly contribute to the water damage caused by improper drainage:
Couple Concerned About Lawn
1. Improper Drainage Planning or Implementation

Especially common in newer housing developments (those built around 10 years ago), poor planning or implementation has played a significant role in many drainage problems. Due to the economic events surrounding 2008, many lots were left empty and builds left unfinished. This consequently led to numerous drainage problems once construction resumed later on. Poor quality products used in these builds fail easily, and water that was left pooling caused significant damage to the ground and landscape.

2. Overland flow system (known as surface runoff )

The original design of the overland flow system can be easily interrupted by the addition of buildings like garages, sheds, or other structures or landscaping elements. When these elements are added into the equation, the proper flow of water is disrupted, and the consequent damage results. Water may begin to pool in yards, flow toward buildings instead of away from them, and affect the underlying soil that supports the landscaping and buildings. Existing storm water management systems can become temporarily useless when this happens.


Other sources of drainage problems commonly found on residential properties can include:

Clogged downspouts and gutters

Lawn grades that are sloped toward the home

Improper sump pump dischargedrainage - does your yard look like this

Soil erosion

Leaky irrigation systems

Cheap drainage pipe within clay soils

Leaking egress windows or window wells in basements



Your personal residence acts as your living space, a place to store your valuable possessions, and a canvas to display the beauty of your home to the world around you. Maintaining its structural integrity and aesthetic beauty begins with a properly maintained landscape. If the surrounding landscape fails to properly drain water (whether in excess or short supply) the integrity of your home and your safety could be put in jeopardy of experiencing tremendous harm