February 21, 2024

The heart of every backyard landscape design is the living space. It complements a home’s interior and is an area where memories are made, and friends and family can be hosted year round. To transform their entertaining space outdoors, this client trusted Twin Oaks Landscape to conceptualize a unique place to gather in a true outdoor oasis.Picture of homeowner's backyard before their backyard renovation.

Project Description

The Rao project began in 2023 when the homeowners sought a solution for their aging and unsafe deck. With a family event coming up, the need for a safe and inviting outdoor space became imperative. Twin Oaks Landscape, discovered through its website, entered the scene to address this challenge head on.

The solution was to design large L-shaped steps from the house, cascading onto a spacious patio adorned with an outdoor kitchen. To kickstart the transformation, the team first had to remove the existing hazardous deck and garden beds.

Notable Milestones

As the project unfolded, it underwent significant enhancements. The homeowners opted for premium Unilock materials, elevating the aesthetics and durability of the patio and wall blocks. Additional milestones included the incorporation of gas hookups for the kitchen grill and a standalone firepit, and the integration of landscape lighting to accentuate the ambiance.

Customer Feedback

Upon project completion, the homeowner’s satisfaction was apparent–they loved their new and improved patio. The result surpassed expectations, with the family expressing their happiness over the seamless integration of design elements and the overall functionality of the space.

Project Specs

With careful consideration given to every detail, the choice of materials played a pivotal role in bringing the Rao Residence project to life. Here’s a closer look at the thoughtfully selected elements that contributed to the project’s success:

  • Materials: The selection of materials was essential in achieving both durability and aesthetic appeal. Opting for Unilock Beacon Hill pavers in fossil, paired with the sophisticated Copthorne border, laid the foundation for a timeless outdoor space. Unlock Brussels dimensional block and Universal cap were meticulously chosen to frame the patio and steps, ensuring structural integrity without compromising style. Adding a touch of illumination, ProTrade Pathlights and ledge lights were strategically placed to enhance the landscape’s allure.
  • Size/Scope: The project’s scope was extensive, encompassing various elements to create a harmonious outdoor environment. Spanning 1000 sq ft, the installation of Unilock Beacon Hill pavers provided ample space for relaxation and entertainment. Additionally, 160 ft of sturdy wall structures delineated the outdoor living area’s boundaries, adding functionality and visual interest. The incorporation of three steps, each spanning 45 ft with 7” risers, ensured seamless accessibility and flow between the different zones of the landscape. Finally, 10 yards of mulch were spread, adding the finishing touch to the meticulously crafted outdoor oasis.

Each material and dimension was carefully selected to meet and surpass the homeowner’s expectations, delivering a landscape that blends beauty with functionality.

Special Considerations

A key aspect of the project involved catering to the homeowner’s unique needs. This included installing a gas line to facilitate the kitchen grill and firepit operation, ensuring convenience and functionality while prioritizing safety and ease of use for the family’s outdoor gatherings. Additionally, special attention was given to seamlessly integrating the gas lines into the landscape design, preserving the aesthetic harmony of the outdoor space.

Final Results

The homeowner’s vision for a cohesive, low maintenance outdoor space was exceeded beyond expectation. The seamless flow of design elements and ease of use underscored the project’s success.

The Rao Project is a testament to landscape design’s transformative power. What once was a dated and unsafe deck has now evolved into a vibrant outdoor sanctuary perfectly tailored to the homeowner’s needs. Twin Oaks Landscape takes pride in contributing to this remarkable transformation and stands ready to turn your outdoor dreams into reality. Contact us today if you’ve considered adding a new landscape design to your outdoor living space.