Snow can damage your plants if you are not careful. You want your beautiful Ann Arbor MI landscaping to return in the spring. Here are some lawn care tips for protecting your plants from snow this fall.

Father And Son Shoveling Snow Together In A Garden

Snow is a Part of Nature

Plants naturally grow in different climates. The easiest way to ensure that your landscaping can handle the Ann Arbor MI winter is to only plant native species. Of course, some homeowners prefer a wider variety of flora to adorn their yards.

The perennial will grow each year; the biennial has a two-year growth cycle. These are the plants you will be protecting over the winter. The more sensitive the plant is, the more protection it will require to prevent the following damage:

  • Freezer Burn
  • Frozen Roots
  • Foliage
  • Death

Freezer Burn has many names: Sun Scald, Southwest Injury or Winter Scald. It is when a plant, food or tree looks like it has been “burned” or “charred” due to very low temperatures.

Ann Arbor MI Ground Freezing

The center of the earth is very hot (as seen when a volcano erupts with lava). The Michigan ground will only freeze a couple of feet. Frozen roots could lead to plant cell damage, which would prevent the plant from growing the next season.

Foliage damage can occur due to temperature or the snow’s weight. Dramatic temperature changes could lead to water in the cell walls freezing and expanding, which could kill the plants. Here are some ways to protect your plants from snow this fall.

Lawn Care Coverings

Learn from Mother Nature. In the fall, Mother Nature allows leaves to fall onto the roots of the plants and trees. This mulch creates an insulating layer to protect the more sensitive parts of the vegetation.

Mulch, straw or hay can be used as plant insulation. Raking a mound of soil around the bases of rose plants to about one or two feet will protect the crown. If you don’t have natural mulch, you could purchase some at the local Ann Arbor hardware or landscaping store. Also, the City of Ann Arbor might give away free mulch after it cuts down old trees.

Before you cover your plants, you should water them. This moisture can help the plant retain heat and will be available in the spring time when it thaws.

Homeowners can also use old blankets to protect the foliage of their plants. This can create a little canopy so that when the snow falls, it will not be too heavy.

Protect Your Landscaping Investment

Winter is just one of the seasons and if you prepare carefully, you can protect your most sensitive plants. Plan ahead and purchase the items you need to provide another layer. Just as you wear an extra coat during the winter, your plants need another layer of insulation to withstand the worst that winter can throw at them.

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