December 14, 2015

Frost is the bane of every gardener’s existence. It can be highly stressful to be worrying about your plants and flowers during a cold snap, especially when you have worked so hard to keep them healthy and productive. This is why learning a few basic frost protection techniques can save you a lot of stress and keep your garden thriving, even during colder weather. Listed below are some of the most effective and easy ways to ensure that your garden is safe from frost.

sheared-shrubs_largeSpreading Organic Material

Layering a few inches of organic material over plants is definitely the most commonly used method among lawn care professionals and home gardeners alike when it comes to keeping frost at bay. This time honored strategy has been used forever because it is simple and highly effective. Make sure to always keep a supply of hay or mulch on your property for use before an upcoming dip in temperatures.

Water Your Garden Thoroughly

Watering your plants thoroughly before a frost is especially important around Ann Arbor MI. Plants that are full of water are less likely to freeze than ones that are not, as plants that are fully watered are healthier and stronger when it comes to fighting the cold. Watering will also saturate the soil around your plants, which provides an added layer of insulation against the cold. By simply establishing a regular watering routine for your garden, you can always be sure that your plants are prepared for an impromptu frost.

Using Blankets And Sheets

Frost blankets and sheets are items that every gardener should keep on hand. These can be purchased at any home improvement store. Your local lawn care professional will also have access to these types of protective coverings. Draping sheets and blankets over plants keeps them insulated, warm and out of the way of freezing precipitation. Try to keep the sheets from touching your plants directly to achieve the best results, and always remember to remove the coverings as soon as temperatures rise again to prevent them from keeping your plants too warm.

Sheltering Individual Plants

Placing overturned buckets and pots over plants and sprouts that are especially delicate and susceptible to cold is always a good idea when temperatures are going down around Ann Arbor MI. This method, combined with other frost prevention techniques, can ensure that even the smallest and least developed of your plants are still protected. This means that you won’t lose any of that hard-earned progress you have made on your garden. The best part about this method is that as a gardener you probably have a lot of extra buckets and pots lying around already.

These are just a few of the many frost protection methods available to you as a gardener. It is highly encouraged that you take the time to properly insulate your plants and flowers before the arrival of cold weather, or that you have your professional lawn care company take care of the job for you. Taking even the simplest of steps toward protecting your garden can ensure that you have a beautiful and productive garden space for years to come.

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