February 13, 2013

With the weather we have been having, we have been going through a lot of de-icing materials this year!

Have you ever considered the pros and cons of de-icing agents?  Although de-icers have some great benefits, there are also things to consider when using them.  Today we will cover the benefits, and then tomorrow we will post the downsides!

Minimize the Risk – Slick sidewalks and roads are hazardous. Deicing agents are useful because they both melt snow and ice and add traction to slippery surfaces.

Ease of Clearing – Removing compacted snow and ice with shovels or snow blowers is not always an easy task.  De-icers can help by “undercutting” or loosening the snow and ice, which aids in the clearing process.

Reduced Winter Services Cost – The largest portion of winter services cost is labor.  Utilizing de-icing agents reduces the labor cost by limiting the constant attention required to keep a safer surface

Tomorrow we will post the negatives to consider when using de-icing materials.