When choosing from hardscape companies in Ann Arbor, Michigan, make sure that you make an informed decision. There is a lot involved in the process known as hardscaping. If you did not know, hardscaping is the planning and building of manmade structures from natural materials. Look into all the specialty services and added benefits of choosing different hardscape companies will make you more confident in your decisions to upgrade your home or business.

What is hardscaping?
Hardscaping is the process of modeling new or remodeling old structures to appear more natural. Examples of hardscaping include the installation and repair of: flagstone, brick pavers, granite, and other stone work.

Think of hardscapers as a mix between landscapers and masons. They will keep your natural areas looking like what they are while adding functionality to them. They’ll take the useless space in your yard and transform it into a beautiful brick patio, great for a barbecue or party.

Projects for hardscaping:

  • patios
  • outdoor kitchen
  • outdoor fireplace/pits
  • retaining walls and seating walls
  • walkways, steps, and entryways
  • driveways


  • roadways and streetscapes
  • parking lots
  • entry ways
  • plaza and parks
  • businesses

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Choosing a company:
Regardless what your needs are, reliable hardscaping companies can handle them. As shown above there are many residential and commercial applications to this line of work. Do not let just anybody do the work at your home; seek out knowledgeable SEO companies that can give you honest and reliable feedback. It is hard not to just go with the first professional company you find with fair pricing but in the long run, it is always better to do your research first.

Hardscaping can be an expensive process and you want guarantees the work done will last through the test of time. Word of mouth recommendations are even hard to go by now since everybody promotes a friend or family member. It is not to say that these recommended workers or companies are not professional, but it can be hard at times to find work history of private contractors that do not advertise themselves.

Do not choose anybody you cannot find customer reviews for on the internet unless you have seen firsthand they can do the work you desire. If you prefer Angie’s list, just type hardscape companies Ann Arbor into the search bar. Hire tried and tested professionals and make your hardscape the talk of the town.