Does this sound familiar?

The snow is coming down hard again. It’s being blowing into drifts three feet high as fast as I can move it. I’m shoveling out my elderly parents walkway across town when my cell phone rings. It’s my wife and she’s home with our two year old and the baby. She asks me to please come home soon so that I can finish our walkway and driveway. We will need to get to school and work on time in the morning. The winter weather advisory is telling us to expect more snow over night, and I just can’t manage to keep up with the pace of this brutal winter storm.

Do you have a plan for the expected record breaking 2014-2015 winter snow season?

Whether you are a family of four or more, a working professional, or a retired individual in our community of Ypsilanti, Michigan almost everyone can say they have experienced this all to common winter dilemma. We all have people we need to take care of especially during the ferocious winter months in the heart of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Every inch of snow is another inch of inconvenience for you and your family. For us, when landscaping season ends, snow removal season begins. Let us lend a helping hand this winter with the invaluable service of scheduled snow plowing for you and your home.

Put us on your Winter To-Do List

With nights already dipping into the 30’s, it’s not hard to believe that winter is just around the corner. You may already be starting to make your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday plans. While you’re budgeting for those holiday gifts, and meals it is just as important for homeowners to consider the time and expense that goes into snow removal. Individual equipment rental can be costly and a hassle all winter long. Do you find yourself running out to the store and hoping that they haven’t run out of snowplows and shovels? The winter storm anxiety can end now. While remaining holiday-budget friendly, professional snow plowing can put enjoyment back into winter snowfall though out the joyous season.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Like a reliable neighbor you can count on us in your time of need. We would like to outline our professional guarantee:

• Consistent and trustworthy service no mater how severe the blizzard
• Skilled staff that works through the extreme weather for you
• Helping you and your elderly family members avoid serious injury from unseen ice, sleet, and freezing rain
• Professional and dependable service during every storm

Ypsilanti, Michigan is our Hometown too. We take pride in the work that we do. Keep your loved ones safe with a gift that gives them reassurance and reliability. This may be one of the most valuable gifts that you can give your family and friends this holiday season. Safety is just as invaluable as the precious time you spend together.