December 9, 2014

Snow plowing season will soon be upon you in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It will be time to buckle down for the cold months ahead, watching as the snow starts to pile up. As you winterize your home and look for ways to save on energy costs, be sure to devote attention to your driveway as well. If you don’t take the proper precautions, your plow can cause serious damage to your driveway and yard. Come spring, you’ll find yourself dealing with some costly repairs as you look at the unsightly evidence of poor snow Plowing the Roadplowing. Take the following simple tips to keep your yard and driveway in good condition, regardless of how many times you have to plow.

Start with Your Plow
When it comes to snow plowing in Ann Arbor Michigan, the best place to get started is with your plow. Take a good look at your blade.

  • Make sure your blade is high enough
  • Don’t let the blade scrape the sidewalk or cement
  • Avoid plowing too often

Prepare Your Driveway Ahead of Time
Maintain your driveway throughout the year and it will withstand the forces of nature during the winter months. The following tips will keep your pavement in tiptop shape:

  • Pressure wash your pavement to get rid of damaging oil, chemicals, and debris
  • Keep your driveway sealed or waterproofed
  • Repair any cracks or damaged spots when they appear

Snow RemovalBe Creative as You Rev Up for Winter
There are certain things you can do to reduce the chances of damage to your driveway and yard come winter. Consider the advantages of edging your driveway and walkways. All you need to do is remove the soil that lines your paved areas, going out three inches or so to create a drain off area. It will be beneficial when the snow flies and when the rain falls during milder months. You can also think about moving any plant growth, especially shrubbery and trees, that is too close to your paved areas. When roots extend to your walkways and driveway, it can cause cracks. Those cracks can lead to damage during the winter. Check your gutters as well. They should not empty on to your paved areas.

Take Care with the Chemicals You Use
As you treat your driveway and walkways in between plowing in Ann Arbor Michigan, be aware of chemicals that can be damaging. Salt will actually cause cracks in a driveway that consists of cement. Calcium chloride and urea are also used, but can cause damage to your landscaping. Calcium magnesium acetate is the safest product to use. It’s biodegradable and will have less of an impact on your paved areas as well. Remember that you can always call in a professional service to take care of all of your plowing needs. Choose a service with a first rate reputation and your driveway will be in good hands.