You have worked hard and spent hard earned money all year for your home and landscaping to look beautiful. Cold, harsh winter, however, can be torture on outdoor plants. Not your plants, though. You have done your research, and you know exactly what to do to protect your carefully chosen plants.

Foggy Winter Landscape
If you live in an area that has varying degrees of temperatures throughout the year such as Ann Arbor MI, you know it’s important to care for your plants even before the frost hits. Paying a professional to take care of your lawn may be a great option if your lifestyle is busy and you are unable to give your lawn the attention it needs.

Lawn care is more than just protecting your plants during the cold, but it’s also making sure your plants are ready and healthy before the cold hits. Here are a few questions to ask yourself while caring for your plants before the cold season hits.

-Am I using proper fertilization on my plants?
-Are my plants getting adequate water each day?
-Am I trimming my plants to promote healthy growth?
-Are my plants placed in an area that will help protect them from cold or windy weather?
-Am I watching temperatures so I am ready for a freeze if one should occur?

Healthy plants can withstand harsh conditions better than those with poor nutrition. Roots with adequate hydration are strong and can withstand lower temperatures than dehydrated plants. Proper plant placement should also be considered for proper lawn care. There are great landscaping companies in Ann Arbor MI that can discuss the best placement of your plants to prolong their life and to protect them from the elements when the weather changes through the seasons. Companies can recommend additions to your plants that will protect them from frost. Many companis will recommend mulch to create a barrier above the roots of your plants. A couple inches of mulch on the soil above the roots will protect your plant from lower temperatures and winter frost.

As it always does with winter weather in the north, the temperature will eventually lower to a degree that your plants may need more than just proper nutrition to stay warm. Watch the weather and be ready for that time. Have something prepared to be placed over your plants. Various items can be used; it all depends on what you have at your home. Buckets can be used for smaller plants. In the case of high wind, it is important that the bucket is secured to the ground. A blanket or towel is also a great option, but prop it up so the weight of the item is not weighing down on the plant you are trying to protect. Be sure to remove the cover when conditions improve so proper sunlight is given to your plants.

With proper lawn care and protection, you are on your way to a happy, healthy lawn through every season no matter how cold it may get.

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