March 20, 2016

At this time of year, many property owners in Ann Arbor MI and other locations with heavy winter snowfalls appreciate the need to prepare lawns and gardens for spring runoffs. Melting snow and ice in some locations creates a significant management issue. The skills of a professional landscaping company assist homeowners in enhancing residential yards, especially when storm water and drainage issues pose a recurring concern.bigstock-Cooling-Off-487994

Protecting Home Foundations

Why do drainage issues deserve serious consideration at this time of year? Heavy water runoffs potentially threaten more than a yard’s appearance. Poor drainage issues over the course of time sometimes contribute to home structural and foundation problems. Excess water may seep into basements and require plumbing attention or the installation of a sump pump.

A poorly managed, soggy lawn won’t enhance the enjoyment of residents in the outdoors, either. Taking steps now to promote effective storm water management by preparing your yard for significant melting water flows contributes to the quality of life for many households in our area.

Some Useful Approaches

A professional landscaping company possesses a useful arsenal of tools for assisting residents in addressing storm water and runoff issues. Just consider some of these useful techniques that help prevent melting snow from damaging residential and business property:

1. Rain Barrels and Cisterns: In some situations, the best immediate solution for directing heavy sudden water flows into useful channels involves locating rain barrels or collection cisterns to contain runoff. Often, the contents provide a great, inexpensive resource for watering Spring lawns and gardens. A professional landscaping company can assist property owners with this issue.

2. Installing Curbs, Spouts and Gutters: Professional landscapers also help homeowners in Ann Arbor MI by installing attractive curbs, spouts and gutters to carry melting water flows away from the foundations of homes and commercial buildings. This simple step often helps control a significant, pervasive seasonal problem.

3. Creating Vegetated Filter Strips: Especially when a residential property occupies a sloping terrain, simply establishing specific zones in a yard covered with heavy vegetation may help absorb runoff water and prevent unsightly erosion from damaging the appearance of the grounds. Usually homeowners benefit by seeking professional consultation with a trained landscaping expert about this solution. The location of the strip, and the planted vegetation, both prove critical to success.

4. Establishing a “Rain Garden”: In some complex situations, especially in rural or outlying areas, one of the best solutions for effective storm water management involves creating a shallow section on the grounds to collect ponded runoff. This “rain garden” depression provides a location to intentionally contain excess water. Landowners usually seek the advice of a trained expert before establishing this type of semi-permanent runoff collection pond.

A Wise Long Term Investment

Property owners who plan in advance to control heavy Spring drainage flows avoid many potential problems. Implementing a storm water management program will contribute to the beauty of the lawn. Additionally, this process typically enhances the enjoyment residents obtain from their property.

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