April 23, 2015

The snow has left for another year. The weather has turned, the birds are nesting, and soon the grass will begin to grow. Before that happens, you need to take care of the mess that the disappearing snow has uncovered in you lawn. It is time to begin the seasonal cleanup on your Ann Arbor MI home.Stone path  winding in a garden


Clear Away the Winter Debris

Getting your lawn ready begins with taking care of all the things that you could not see a month ago. The last of the leaves have fallen from the trees since last the cleanup last fall. Branches may have been blown from the trees by winter storms that will need to be cut up and removed. There is gravel piles that were left by the snow plow as it cleared your road and driveway that will need to be raked clear and smoothed out. An entire season’s worth of trash carelessly tossed from passing cars has been thrown into your yard by the plow that needs to be picked up. All of these are things that a good landscaping and lawn care company can help with.

Replace Your Divot

Once all of the debris is out of your yard the next thing to deal with is the unsightly holes and gouges in the lawn. Scrapes from the snow plow can be easily raked over to clear the dead uprooted grass and smooth the area. The gouges from the falling tree limb and depressions left by tires on newly soft soil may require your landscaping company to bring in some fill soil to return your yard to a nice smooth surface.

Let the Green Grass Grow

Now that the seasonal cleanup of your yard is finished it is time to take care of the bare spots that have been left in your lawn. Your landscaper will determine the best way to fill these areas. For an immediate fix they may be able to use fully grown sod to replace the lawn that you have lost. This might require them to cut out an area around the bare spot in order to blend it into your existing lawn. Spot hydro-seeding can be sprayed onto the areas that will sprout very quickly and become unnoticeable after it reaches maturity. Dry seed could be spread onto the open soil, but this takes a little longer to mature and fill in the bare areas. All of these methods depend on the species of grass that makes up your lawn and what will blend in to create an attractive expanse.

The homes of Ann Arbor MI are known for their beautiful lawns. The vast green carpets surrounding these homes are the product of homeowners like you, who take the time and effort to make them the show pieces that they are. This takes more than just watering and mowing, as you can see. They also require a seasonal cleanup in the fall and in the spring. Finding a good landscaper and lawn care company can help ease the time that you have to put into it.

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