March 11, 2013

Helleborus orientalis

Here’s another amazing evergreen plant. These are just starting to bud this week, and should be in full bloom soon!

The flowers are very beautiful, but they are not entirely visible due to the way they grow.  They hang downward, as shown here in the first picture, but are long lasting, and the foliage is evergreen.

Hellebore’s grow 12- 18”, and do best in a shaded location with moist, well-drained soil.  They are becoming very popular, and there are hundreds of varieties in an array of colors.  Even though they bloom so early, they provide year round interest, due to the long bloom time and evergreen foliage.  Many of the new cultivars have variegated foliage, as well as double varieties and many with speckled petals.  Here is another picture of individual flowers and some of the variations available!