June 17, 2013

Coral Bells ‘Georgia Peach’

Coral Bells are the new “in” plant. They are becoming more popular due to the variety of colorful leaves available.  They come in shades of green, purple, silver, peach, pink, yellow, and orange.

It does flower, although the blooms are nowhere near as interesting as the leaves.  That is the case with several of the new hybrids of coral bells.  They are being bred for their foliage rather than flowers, but the sacrifice is worth it due to the value of having color throughout the year.An added bonus is that it is semi-evergreen, and looks great most of the winter as well.

Coral Bells generally prefer a shady spot, but some varieties can handle full sun if they get enough moisture.  This variety gets 12-18” tall.  It goes beautifully with other semi-evergreen to evergreen plants for winter interest.