There are many ways homeowners can spruce up their backyard. However, finding time to do the work that is necessary is often the hardest part. Many homeowners will be surprised to learn that most of the projects around a residential property do not require weeks of preparation. This means many ideas will be available when an update is necessary. One option that is available is pergolas that can be built at any Chelsea Michigan property.

Beautify a Garden

A standard pergola is a structure that is supported by columns or beams on the side. The top also has a set of beams or lattice that links the columns. One aspect about a pergola in a garden is climbing plants and vines can easily intertwine throughout the structure. Adding a pergola and selecting the right types of plants is a great way to beautify any garden area that is on a residential property.

Protection from Weather

The lack of shade in a backyard is often a main reason homeowners avoid doing many fun activities in their backyard. Pergolas that are added to any residential property in Chelsea Michigan is an answer to this problem. One thing to keep in mind is the lattice or beams on the top of the structure produce a bit of shade on a hot summer day. However, the addition of hanging plants block the sun’s rays to keep the underside of the structure comfortable. Another aspect to keep in mind is the roof is not closed and can provide a suitable outdoor feel while still being in shade. Protection from the rain is also provided once plants are in place.

Block Unsightly Views

Many properties that are surrounded by close neighbors may have views that are not pretty. Planting an assortment of trees in one option, but a pergola can be added as a decorative element. The structure can easily block an ugly neighbor’s house, a dying tree, or any unsightly outbuilding. Another benefit is having an item that can contribute to the beauty of a standard backyard.

Other Structures

A pergola can be added as a lead-in to other structures on a property. This includes a veranda, gazebos, and even the backside of a house. One option is to place a pergola on the outside of a house that can be used as a covered walkway to a garden or an outdoor gazebo. These structures are a great option to use to create a unique outdoor living area.

Increase Home Value

The addition of pergolas to the backyard of any Chelsea Michigan property is a great way to add value to a home. These structures easily add interest and can even increase curb appeal. Many buyers will be looking for extras around a home that add perceived value. One thing to keep in mind is a pergola will be a great addition as an outdoor living space. All these factors will combine to add value to a property if a homeowner decides to sell in the future.