Are you looking for the perfect way to add structure to your backyard landscaping? A Pergola provides an intimate enclosure, but without constraining the outdoors. Dexter Michigan pergolas consists of an open frame with beams and posts, but no roof or walls. It can be freestanding or attached to your home, usually designed as a shaded or relaxation area. Once a common feature of Italian Renaissance gardens, pergolas can be used as a focal point or to frame beautiful features such as a garden space, a walkway, or an outdoor dining area etc. Adorned with climbing plants such as the Wisteria or a grapevine, a pergola provides the shade and scenery reminiscent of the Renaissance days of Italy.

Outdoor Entertainment Area

An extra large pergola can be extended across the entire length of the house to function as an outdoor room of the house. Decorate the shaded area with an entertainment wall complete with a television, a stone fireplace or fire pit, dining area, and seating nook for an outdoor space you’ll love to entertain in.

Grilling Area

A freestanding cedar pergola stationed over your outdoor cooking area creates a cozy spot for grilling hamburgers and hotdogs on your free standing grill or for prepping food items and brick oven pizzas in your outdoor kitchen.

Dining Area

Create your own outdoor bistro with the addition of a pergola over your private dining area. A pergola situated over an outdoor dining space on a stone patio, creates an especially romantic scene.

Docklike Deck

A dovecote Pergola constructed over the water, creates a perfect place to sit for hours and enjoy wildlife and a pond scenery. Add at thatch roof, wicker furniture, and bamboo blinds for your own beach cabana.

Entryway Pergola

Create a grand entry for your garden, deck, or house with the use of a pergola. A white pergola adds elegance and gives your special area an angelic ambiance, especially in the winter.

Privacy for an Urban Patio

When space is limited, such as with an urban patio, a pergola that hangs down the side can be used to cover an open area. Cover the pergola in various plants to create a beautiful place to look at and a privacy screen for your patio.

Hot Tub Pergola

A wood pergola mounted over a hot tub, creates a steamy Miami scene and a cool, shaded area to relax in.

These are just a few of the exciting ways pergolas Dexter Michigan can create a beautiful scenery for your outdoor space. When deciding where to place a pergola on your property, think about where you most like to spend time. Decide which areas provide the best scenery as well as the position of the sun over your chosen area at each time of the day. The size and height of your pergola will be determined by your chosen area. Lower ceilings provide a more intimate setting, while higher ceilings are usually associated with larger settings. So, keep this in mind when choosing your space.