Life in Ann Arbor Michigan is highly determined by weather. With northern air flows and moisture from the lake, it might seem as though an outdoor patio space is the last concern for any Ann Arbor homeowner. The truth is, most homeowners are unaware of the newest innovations and materials on the market available to create outdoor patio spaces that are comfortable even in the most unpredictable climate zones.

Why Have a Patio At All?

Patios are incredible places to enjoy family activities and gatherings of neighbors for fun outside of the home. The classic picture of an outdoor patio involves images of green grass, barbeques, pick-up games of touch football and perfect suburban life. Having a patio really means the freedom to enjoy time with family and friends in any season.

The key to enjoying a perfect patio in Ann Arbor Michigan is to consult with an outdoor patio design company that has experience and novel ideas for patio use customized to your lifestyle and particular climate. Materials and designs for patios are as diverse as the places in which they function. There are a multitude of reasons why families in cold climates like Ann Arbor should consider the addition of a well-constructed patio area onto their home.

Outdoors During an Ann Arbor Winter?

Absolutely! For residents in California or Florida, patios become a central location to gather and relax when the weather becomes too uncomfortable for indoors. Outdoor patios are “ground zero” for all activities at home. The same can be true for homeowners in places where warm weather isn’t a guarantee. Patios can still be a perfect gathering place in cold weather. The trick is to work with an outdoor patio design company that will use materials and designs that allow safe, fun and comfortable activities all year long.

People in California and Florida never have the chance to throw a snowmobile (sledding) party in their backyards. Families in Ann Arbor Michigan do. An outdoor patio can still be functional for this brand of get-together. It only requires a few planning details that an experienced Ann Arbor outdoor patio design company can suggest. Patios are a way for all homeowners to enjoy the full extent of their property any time of year. Cold or hot, family and friends should be able to utilize the benefits of an outdoor patio whenever they choose. Good design and construction can facilitate this type of recreational freedom.

Northern States Specialty Materials

Ann Arbor Michigan outdoor patio design company specifications included materials exclusive to the region. Concrete pavers and stonework must be heave and freeze-resistant. Instead of open air patios, construction might include heated enclosures. Instead of fixtures fit for a tropical or desert arboretum, special places for a barbeque, smoker, fire pit and mud room may be included in the design.

Every outdoor patio design company that specialize in building patios for homes in Ann Arbor Michigan are mindful of the need to remain active during the cold. There is no reason for a household to have only two or three months to spend enjoying and outdoor patio. With the appropriate amenities and materials, families in Ann Arbor can much more time outside!