Your outdoor landscape in Dexter Michigan will be enhanced greatly when you add at least one of the Outdoor Water Features available today through a professional landscaping company. These features add the sound, sight, and beauty of water to your property. The sound of traveling water is relaxing to the body and mind. There are scientific studies to prove that this is a fact and not fiction. What are some of these features?


Fountains come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are large freestanding ones that make ideal focal points for formal gardens. However, if you do not have that much space, smaller ones are available that will fit perfectly into your location. A professional landscaper can even install a fountain underwater in your pond to shoot water up for below. This makes quite a scenic feature in your yard in Dexter Michigan.


Ponds are other Outdoor Water Features the professional landscapers install. They will design the right size, shape, and depth for your property and use. Some are ideal for raising Koi fish, while others are set up to grow water plants. Many times, you can do both with a pond when the professional designs it correctly.


Waterfalls are the most spectacular of the water features you can choose to install on your property. They are popular connected to ponds or even near swimming pools. The water flowing through the waterfall makes for an excellent nighttime feature too with a spotlight shining on it. This way you can enjoy it around the clock.

What the Professional Landscaper Does

The professional landscaper will meet with you and discuss your ideas on a water feature for your property. Then he will visit your house to take measurements and tell you if the water feature you have in mind will be ideal for the space you have available. If it is, he will draw up plans and a quote for his services. Once you have agreed to both, he will start whatever excavation process.

Once the land is ready, he will install your water feature. He will make sure that any mechanical parts are working properly. In addition, he will show you how to operate the mechanical parts and how to maintain your water feature.

Why Have a Professional Install Your Water Feature?

Sure, some of the above water features can be installed by a talented DIY person. However, if anything goes wrong, you have nowhere to turn for backup. When you have a professional do the work, he will guarantee his labor and the parts he installs. This will allow you to turn to him if something does not work correctly. It is a real headache to troubleshoot a project like any of the water feature listed above without professional guidance. A professional will also know any local codes or regulations that could govern such a project on your land in Dexter Michigan.

Ask a landscaping company today about these Outdoor Water Features for your property. Have the company professionally guide your choice and perform all necessary installation. You will shortly be able to just sit back at enjoy watching and listening to your new fountain, pond, or waterfall.