An outdoor water feature can be as simple as a birdbath or as complex as a waterfall. Bodies of water, such as ponds, are also quite popular.

Installing Fountains or Birdbaths

The easiest feature to install are fountains and birdbaths. These can either be a stand-alone feature or one that’s attached to the outer wall of your home. They can be made from any material imaginable, including cast stone, cement and metal. It is up to you how small or large these items are. Some can even be multi-tiered. You also need to decide whether they will be powered by batteries, electricity or solar energy.

Installing Waterfalls

Waterfalls are also quite popular. They can be made out of a precast structure or you can choose to strategically place rocks or boulders on a hill within your yard. Whenever you’re creating a waterfall from scratch you need to be prepared to put a little extra work into attaching it and ensuring that there’s the proper power source available.

Installing Waterwalls

A waterwall is actually less common but still quite an attractive outdoor water feature nevertheless. Basically, this is a curtain of water falling from a height. For instance, it could fall from the upper part of your deck onto the lower part of your deck. It is important to note that since these aren’t so common, they do tend to be a bit more expensive to build.

Installing Streams

Streams are another popular item that people enjoy incorporating into their home’s landscaping. It’s simply a matter of creating a route then incorporating rocks, boulders and plenty of plant life. The stream should end in a body of water that may include fish and other types of wildlife. If you want more intricate landscaping, you could also add a cascading pond.

Installing Bodies of Water

Oftentimes, bodies of water are used. This can include things like small ponds, medium sized pools of water or even large lagoons. You can even convert a dilapidated in ground swimming pool into a garden pool. Of course, fish (especially koi) and plant life are popular to include herein. When it comes to choosing the lighting for these bodies of water, you’ll find that they really do make everything come alive at night.


Before you install any outdoor water feature in Saline, Michigan there are some important factors that must be taken into consideration. One of the main factors being the feature’s location, especially if any digging will be required since you don’t want to mess up any electric, gas, water or phone lines. Furthermore, you need to take zoning issues into consideration. You also want to make sure that structures like fountains and birdbaths are going to match your home’s style. Of course, safety is also important, especially if you have any children or pets and plan to install a pond, pool or lagoon.