If you are looking to shed a little bit of light on your outdoor activities, you need to search for the very best outdoor wall lighting. These different options are going to allow you to make sure you can always see outside, which in turn gives you more use for the outside as well. With all of these different options available to you, you can always enjoy your outdoor time. Plus, you might even find that some of these outdoor wall lighting options are actually less expensive than what you would find in a traditional, interior lighting setup.

Some of the different lighting options that you’ve in terms of outdoor wall lighting include:

– Solar powered lights
– String lights
– Torch lights
– Switch lights

Solar Powered Lights

The solar powered lights are easy to install and cost you nothing. The solar lights have a small solar panel built into the light, so it absorbs light throughout the day and is able to convert it into energy. From there, you can actually take the power it absorbed and use it to light your back yard. While the lighting might not be as powerful as some of the other options, if you simply want an inexpensive method for lighting your back yard, this might be the very best option out there for an Ann Arbor, Michigan home.

String Lights

You’ve probably see these popular string lights before. These are similar to Christmas tree lights, but can come in different shapes. There are larger bulbs with shades over the lights, you can look for the classic tiki lights or you can opt into just about any other variation of string lights you want. You can even go the Christmas tree lights if you want. For some backyard lighting situations this actually works exceptionally well. Of course, you probably have some lying around in the basement somewhere, so you can test them out. Just make sure to have a power outlet nearby, as you do need to plug the lights in. Whether throwing a college party or simply wanting to increase the lighting, this is perfect for an Ann Arbor Michigan home.

Torch Lights

There are flame based lights that can be attached to a wall, fence or other flat area. These torches generally have a small, glass case around the light. This way, you reduce the risk of possible fires. It also is going to help give you the very best lighting possible. You do need to refill the small tanks that are found in a compartment under the lighting fixture, but if you enjoy the flicker of a flame, this is probably the best option available to you. For college houses inside of Ann Arbor, it is important to check with the landlord before using any sort of flame based light.

Switch Lights

The switch lights are the easiest to use. These are built into the electrical system of your home (so you probably need an electrician to help with the installation), but the lights are the easiest to use. You just flip a single switch and the lights come on. Ultimately it is the most expensive, but it is the easiest and is going to give you the most light and lighting options (such as lighting shades and placement).