If you live in Ann Arbor Michigan it is important to take care of your property. Your home is your biggest investment. Keeping it updated will maintain or increase your property’s retail value. This is important in today’s marketplace.

Outdoor Lighting Can Sell Your Home
Adding outdoor lights to your property not only improves your property value, it also gives your home curb appeal. Lighting can be the difference in a home’s sale or not.

*Lighting can accentuate focal points on your property
*Whether you have interesting landscaping structure, a gardening statue, or you want to highlight the architecture of your home, lighting will make it look rich and romantic.
*Professional lighting can make your home stand apart from similar homes for sale in the area.

Outdoor Lights Offer Security
Outdoor lights can also help to protect your home. When the exterior of your home is well lit, it deters thieves. Robbers prey on homes that are dimly lit. They can hide in the darkness. Thieves will stray far away from a home that has adequate lighting. This is especially true in the dark of the night.

Illuminate the Front Entryway
One of the most important places to be sure you keep well lit is your front door. You do not want a guest to trip on your front sidewalk or on your stair steps. You also need to see who is knocking at your front door. Keep your home safe and secure by keeping the front door well lit.

There are many options for front door lighting. You can add a light on either side of your front door. This allows for bright light to shine right where you need it. You can also have a spot light shining from your landscape, and position it to shine right at your front door. This allows for a longer beam of light shining from your yard onto your front door. Additionally, you can use motion detector lights. These types of lights will come on when it senses either a person or motion by your door. Motion detector lights often scare off criminals looking to break into a home. It also will alert you when something or someone is by your front door.

A Well Lit Driveway and Garage Offers Safety
Driveway lighting is another important area that needs to be well lit. Your driveway needs lighting so you can see where you are parking your car when it is dark outside. Additionally, when your guests leave late at night you will be glad your driveway is well lit by simply flipping a switch. Your guests can safely get into their cars without you leaving the comfort of your home.

Likewise, your garage needs adequate lighting too. Many homes have their entrance into the house through the garage. A garage that has adequate lighting will make you feel safe and secure.

Holiday Lighting
Lights also can be very festive. This is particularly true during the holiday season. Don’t be the only one on your block without holiday lighting this year.

Your Ann Arbor Michigan home deserves to be well lit. Keep your home and your property secure. Professional lighting will add value to your home.

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