Landscape lighting is a simple and effective way to add a dramatic impact to your yard in Ann Arbor Michigan and boost the market value of your property. By day, your yard and garden are colorful and appealing. There is no reason you can not show them off at night as well.

Flagstone Walkway with Lighting

Flagstone Walkway with Lighting

When it comes to home landscape lighting in Ann Arbor, Michigan you have many different options available. There are lights that spotlight, lights that accent and lights that silhouette. But choosing the right lighting for your home’s outdoor is important. There are many do-it-yourself kits on the market, and a good first step is to find a landscape design firm in Ann Arbor Michigan, which will have the experience and expertise to help you sort through the numerous options.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Home

At its most basic, outdoor landscape lighting provides some comfort and safety. Some basic types of yard or landscape lighting are:

• Crosslighting – This is where two light sources are directed on the same object from various angles to create a dramatic and unique effect.
• Uplighting – The light source is located beneath an object. The technique is usually used to highlight structures, walls or large plants.
• Backlighting – With this technique the light source is placed behind an object and produces an interesting silhouette.
• Downlighting – The light source is placed above an object. When used in a patio, the light source is often placed higher, so that it will create a wide circle of light when it shines downward. For driveways and pathways, the lighting object can be placed a little lower to cast a smaller circle of light.

Hire Landscape Professionals

Landscape professionals know all the tricks and techniques to use landscape or outdoor lighting to add silhouettes and accents that draw the eye. Consult with a professional and you will certainly enjoy the benefit of a beautiful and attractive yard in Ann Arbor Michigan.

In creating an appealing and inviting environment in your home, landscape lighting professionals visit your and meet with you to determine what you want to accomplish.You might simply want additional outdoor lighting for safety reasons, but a landscape designer or landscape lighting expert can incorporate that need into a plan that also enhances your home. And that, experts say, will increase the value of your home.

There are many landscape companies in Ann Arbor Michigan. But not all landscape companies are created equal and locating the right professional or company for your yard will involve a little research. First, make sure the company is properly licensed. Ask them to show you proof that they are legitimate and if they have satisfied customers. Often, landscape maintenance companies will be happy to provide references.

Summing Up

Outdoor lighting enhances the highlights of the landscape after sunset and also adds to the security of the surroundings. Well-placed landscape lighting discourages intrusions in the dark and is versatile enough to illuminate the yard. An efficient landscape lighting strategy should be properly planned, defining clear objectives and desired results. Once you have hired a reputable landscape company in Ann Arbor Michigan, you can rest assured that you will receive the high quality service you desire.

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