Why purchase outdoor lights?

Outdoor lights have a number of advantages for any homeowner in Ann Arbor Michigan:
1. Keep an eye on the kids
You can let your children roam the yard safely at night with good outdoor lighting. On those long summer nights, a short run in the yard can do wonders for bedtime when it comes to the little ones. Let them run that last burst of energy out in safety.

2. Late night chats
Talking underneath the stars is one of the most beautiful opportunities we have as humans. However, a good conversation is hard to hold without being able to see the other person’s face. Light up your porch with the right light and you’re set for those evening conversations.

3. Stranger Danger
With good lighting outside your house, burglars are more hesitant and easily spotted. Guard your house easily with proper lighting around the doors.

Living in the beautiful city of Ann Arbor Michigan, you shouldn’t have to miss out on the nightside of the countryside due to improper lighting. Consider investing in outdoor lights today. The investment will improve your yard as well as your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking at floodlights to fill the entire yard or a lamp post to go more old school, an outdoor light is an excellent investment for your backyard in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Different Types of Outdoor Lighting

1. Spotlights
These nifty little lights can be used to highlight favorite features in your yard at night, or even improve safety of a pathway or door.

2. Wall Lights
Cast a light in the face of your night owl visitors and illuminate the door knob with a wall light. This light is most often placed to the side of your main doorway.

3. Floodlights
The ultimate father of outdoor lights, spreading a literal flood of light into your yard. Not only does it deter unwanted intruders, but it provides the perfect atmosphere for outdoor activities after dark.

4. Post Lights
Go all Narnia on your yard with an elegant and dramatic light post. This light is often placed at the end of driveways, near pools or placed perfectly in the back yard for entertaining.

5. Deck and Step Lights
A subtle yet useful way to illuminate any pathway or staircase outside your house. Deters tripping and stepping on any creatures that may have found themselves in the wrong walkway.


The guide to lighting up your yard doesn’t end here. Many of these lights can be activated by motion sensors or light switches to create the best environment in your backyard. Certain lights come with the option to make them solar powered to conserve on your energy bill and stay environment friendly. The benefits outweigh the cost by a landslide.

Consider these great options when lighting up your yard:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Multiple Light Switches
  • Solar Powered Lights

The choices are laid before you, once you light up your yard you’ll never look back. Consider lighting up your yard today, don’t stay in the dark another night!